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Bonsai... a Japanese word meaning "tray-planted," bonsai refers to the art of training drawf trees and growing the miniaturized trees in pots or containers. Bonsai trees are dwarfed by pruning roots and branches to create an artistic sculpture. Whether you are interested in raising Bonsai trees as hobby or profession, Bonsai Tree Source has everything you need to succeed including artificial Bonsai trees, seeds, trees, pots, tools, and useful articles and tips.

Today's Most Popular Bonsai Trees and Products

Image: Dwarf Black Spruce (Picca Mariana 'Nana')Dwarf Black Spruce (Picca Mariana 'Nana') - Sale Price: $79.95
Picca Mariana, commonly called Black Spruce, is a conical evergreen native to Alaska and Canada. 'Nana' is a slow-growing dwarf cultivar that forms a dense, rounded, hassock shaped mound. Grows only about 1.0" a year. Great outdoor ornamental evergreen bonsai.

Image: Juniper Bonsai Tree - Trained  (juniper procumbens nana)Juniper Bonsai Tree - Trained (juniper procumbens nana) - Sale Price: $89.95
This dwarf Juniper from Japan is the most popular evergreen in the U.S. When we think of a traditional bonsai and what it should look like we think of a "Juniper Procumbens Nana". They are very hardy, long-lived and tolerate many adverse conditions. Trained style.

Image: Two Dragon Turtle Miniature Figurines 5.0x2.5Two Dragon Turtle Miniature Figurines 5.0x2.5 - Sale Price: $14.95
Two dragon turtle miniature figurines

Image: Baby Jade  Medium Bonsai Tree - Variegated (portulacaria afra variegata)Baby Jade Medium Bonsai Tree - Variegated (portulacaria afra variegata) - Sale Price: $49.95
This succulent bonsai, also known as the "Elephant Bush", is native to South Africa and has leaves that are almost round and about one-third the size of the common Jade plant. The fleshy trunk, branches, and leaves are used to store water. Difficult to find in its variegated form and makes an excellent bonsai tree for the home or office.

Image: Flowering Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree -  Small (eugenia myrtifolia)Flowering Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree - Small (eugenia myrtifolia) - Sale Price: $29.95
Also called Syzygium Paniculatum, Australian Brush Cherry. Has small handsome evergreen leaves which are firm and glossy and the flowers are white. If it receives enough light, the leaves will develop red highlights.

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